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Tesla makes the safest cars on the road.  The top three safest cars are all Teslas.  And their charging network is second to none.  Tesla is the undisputed king of EVs. 


Alex Guberman covers the cars and more!  He is a fantastic source for all things electric, hence the name of his YouTube Channel, "E for Electric"! Here is his video about all the EVs hitting the market in 2023!  All of them with a range of 300 miles +.

Tom Moloughney is terrific!  His "State Of Charge" reviews are exhaustive and he covers everything from the cars to charging. 

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield YouTube Channel, "Transport Evolved", does in depth videos which make it more like a documentary channel than an ev review channel., all things electric for sure!

Fully Charged
the original!  This YouTube Channel brings you multitudes of info and they host six live shows every year each held somewhere different on our Pale Blue Dot.  These events are growing to an attendance never thought possible!

Find chargers for your future road trip.  Remember, you don't need to have a fast charger when in your home city since you will charge your car at night like your cell phone!   You will wake every morning to a 'full tank'! 

Electrify America

Charge Point



Hyundai IONIQ 5$41,450, 303 miles range *Get 2 years of 30-minute complimentary charging sessions when you purchase the 2023 IONIQ 5.  IONIQ6   IONIQ7

The Aptera! One specific option to consider out of the many electric cars available is the Aptera!  Not avail until late 2023 or early 2024.  It charges with built-in solar cells up to 40 miles per day, just by parking in the sun!  And it has a range of 1000 miles!  That is not a typo!

Ford F-150: $55,974, 240 miles range

Toyota bZ4X: $42,000, 252 miles range
The "BAD NEWS" about this car, click here.

Nissan LEAF: $28,040, 212 miles range

Nissan ARIYA $43,190, 216 miles range

Kia EV6$48,500, 310 miles range

Polestar 2 $48,400, 270 mile range

Fisker "Ocean": $37,499, 350 mile range

VW ID.4: Beware!!!

I'll update as more cars and reviews are available. 


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