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"Apocalyptic Weather"

A ten part series: Ever increasing in frequency and intensity, weather events are becoming scary! What can we do?

"Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it."

       Mark Twain

Prepare to be scared. This is a series about what we know might happen, yet refuse to acknowledge. Ten American Cities, Ten Apocalyptic Cataclysms. No, this isn’t Nostradamus, nor does it have anything to do with Religion, Area 51, nor any human endeavor. Instead, our ten part series includes all-natural calamities, the ends-of-time brought to us by Mother Nature herself.

Think Super-Volcanoes, Mega-Earthquakes, 200 foot high Tsunamis, and a ‘Super Outbreak’ of F-5 Tornadoes. All of these are very real – fascinating yet terrifying possibilities that threaten our major metropolitan areas. And in this series we’ll confront them head-on, by daring to ask: “What If…?”


What we propose is a ten part series that makes us all witnesses to the 21st Century equivalents of Pompeii, Atlantis, and Minoa – ancient cities “lost” to epic-sized explosions of nature. Imagine it: Seattle’s Space Needle nearly submerged in a flood of Tsunami waters; Chicago’s Miracle Mile skyline reduced to rubble by the jarring of a megaquake ; and Los Angeles, an arid wasteland of sand and swamps hospitable only to the desert crocodiles that patrolled Sunset Blvd. eons ago.


We’ll investigate these potentially real cataclysms through Expert Interviews, location Hi-Def footage, and – most powerfully – through the magic of CGI Animation. Like the hit LIFE AFTER PEOPLE, this series will be a stunning visual experience for our audience as they watch the ‘Before,’ ‘During,’ and ‘After’ of these unsettling, awe-stricken forces.

Each show will feature a different city and natural doomsday scenario. Yes, cities like New York and LA are presented here, but so too are Denver, Colorado, Miami, Florida, and Cincinnati, Ohio.


No matter where our audience lives geographically, we’ve got a mega-disaster for them. Further, we’ve tried to avoid the most obvious or familiar Scenarios: an earthquake in San Francisco, for example, or another flood in New Orleans.


No matter which City or Scenario it is, Nature is always the star. Think of the series as a tribute to the awesome power of natural forces – wind, water, fire, magnetism, electricity etc. – and how those forces can bring civilizations to their knees. Science and History will put those forces into perspective and detail the true odds of these events. Needless to say, the show is chock full of water-cooler facts and trivia.


Sure the world should have ended in 2012, as Nostradamus predicted, but based on the facts we already know - and Mother Nature’s track record – who knows? It might just be tomorrow instead.


10,000 times greater than Mount St. Helens, a Super Volcano explodes at Yellowstone National Park, sending up a massive ash cloud that throws the entire US into darkness

(and blankets it in 3 feet of soot). Temperatures at higher altitudes – like our featured city DENVER – fall more than

20 degrees, wreaking havoc for an over-taxed infrastructure.

Can it happen? Geologic studies show mega-volcanic activity in Yellowstone every 600,000 years. The bad news: it’s been 620,000 years since the last one.



A massive 9.4 earthquake strikes along the Cascadia Subduction Zone, 50 miles off the coast of SEATTLE, WA.

The sea floor bounces more than 30 feet, creating a 200-foot tall wave that hits Seattle within 30 minutes (too quickly for warning systems to save lives). The Waterfront, Marina,

Pike’s Market, and Aquarium are swamped.


Cars, trains, and Ferries are swept away. Water surges along the base of the Needle. The last mega-quake in the Cascadia S-Zone was in 1700 – how long before the next one?


North Pole glaciers melt, up-ending the delicate balance in the Atlantic seas. A rapid drop in temperatures throughout New England signal the on-set of a new “Little Ice Age” (mirroring the one that occurred in the 17th and 18th Centuries) . The Harbor once famous for it’s Tea Party is frozen solid; intense storms make the Commons unbearable; and winds tear apart Paul Revere’s Old North Church. Sure you can now drive from Boston to Martha’s

Vineyard on the frozen ocean – but soon the cold makes Beantown…a ghost town.


A 9.3-mile-wide Asteroid (the estimated size of the suspected dinosaur killer) crashes into Atlanta, Georgia. A 113-mile wide crater is formed, while much of the earth that used to be under the city soars into the atmosphere, then falls on neighboring cities like Charlotte, NC, Charleston, SC, and Jacksonville, Florida, which is buried in nearly six feet of earth.

A 10+ earthquake levels buildings as far away as Philadelphia. In sum, total chaos.

As devastating as it is rare, a F-5 Tornado features wind speeds of

260 mph, enough to level a small city like CINCINNATI. But here’s

the rub: a highly unusual and powerful low-pressure front has swept

in from the Great Plains, and now Cincinnati is threatened by notjust one – but four F-5 Tornadoes, one right after the other.


Hard to believe? In 1974, the last Super Outbreak produced 148 tornadoes in less than 17 hours – six of them, F-5. Back then, no city got hit – we’re not so lucky this time.


The Tipping Point is reached. Global Warming causes a sustained spike in temperatures of nearly 4 degrees (F). For Los Angeles, the impact is swift: the Sierra Snow pack disappears and with it the city’s primary water supply; the city’s more than 500 square miles of asphalt, streets, and freeways turn into scalding griddles – even Disneyland, the happiest place

on earth; the beaches become brittle as either dissolve or are blown in-land, covering vast swatches of land. And that’s before the intense, massive fires begin. ‘Nuf said.


An 8.5 trembler sends towns along the Mississippi sinking into oblivion and shatters the St. Louis Arch…but the real devastation is in CHICAGO. Skyscrapers along the Magnificent Mile buckle, the El collapses, and even the Ivy covered brick walls of Wrigley Field lay in ruin. Truth be told, this should have been foreseen (of the Top 10 U.S. earthquakes

ever measured, three occurred almost one after the other in New Madrid, Missouri in 1811 – 1812 (10 times the 1906 SF quake)). But our memories are short….


With much of the city at sea level, and already in a swampy condition with a high water table, the ground is poised to disappear from under the proud home of Crockett and Tubbs – if the oceans begin rise. Guess what, they are. And while everyone will have time to escape, one day we may only be able to visit this city in a submarine.


Every 11 years, massive clouds of hot, magnetic plasma fire from the Sun

towards the earth. Traveling at speeds of one million miles per hour, these

clouds – known as CME’s – reach the earth in 2.5 days. For centuries, all

that has stood between ‘us’ and ‘them’ is our atmosphere – the same onenow buckling from greenhouse gases and ozone depletion.

The first CME wave destroys satellites and the space station; the next one pierces our

atmosphere, fries the power grid and transforms pipes into highly charged conductors. The White House goes dark, the Pentagon can’t communicate 

– then what?


A major Tropical Storm appears headed towards Florida when it takes a sudden turn and heads north, picking up speed. A proper evacuation of New York City would require 24 hours, but in this case, real warning time is only a few hours (and few New Yorkers take heed). 200 mph winds send trees in Central Park hurling into the surrounding buildings,

30-foot storm swells envelop South Street Seaport and 59th Street Bridge. Most gruesome of all, the volumes of rain overwhelm the subway system, sending tens of thousands of rats and other vermin upward onto the street.

Contact Showrunner, Ken Ashe:  310-855-4238  

News creates demand to know more, to understand, and to know how to act!


A ten part series:  A motorcar moonshot, for gear heads and fabrication addicts this series will follow the fabrication of a car from scratch!

"Relatively small differences among the series of objects makes for very large differences in intrinsic or historic or artistic value."

                                              Miles C. Collier

To see video with playbar, vimeo link

Originally designed as a YouTube series that has yet to launch, this is the story

of an eccentric man of means pursuing a boyhood dream.  He wants to remake a 

1967 Fiat Spyder from scratch.  Really fabricating the car out of nearly nothing.


Miles Collier owns one of the largest car museums in the world and he is

a fascinating character.


In a secret workshop behind his museum he has several people working on 

this fabrication project.  They have been at it for two years and have two more years to go.


This rings mandate bells:


Destination America;

"If you had $1 million what toy would you make?"



We keep in mind our core demographic and why they come to the Discovery Ch. 

These all American “alpha males” and the different draws that bring them to 

the shows, cars, motorcycles.


National Geographic

We are all looking for male oriented Docu-soaps.  We want stories from the inside, 

'how do/did they do that'.  



They need relatable characters, they need an action, and they need a world that 

is as surprising and as engaging and as interesting.


All of those characters have a journey, or a skill, or they have an outlook on life that is extremely 

optimistic. And you want to root for them.


Destination America

it’s kind of a male… We call them mantasises...

You know, like male fantasies… That kind of "Man I wish I could give it all up and 

move to Alaska"

We have had success showing tricked out RVs, tricked out beach homes, American castles, 

Tech homes,  backyards… It's like toys. If you had $1 million what toy would you make? 

And it's not like wealth TV… There obviously wealthy but it's more like "look at my toy 

let me show you what I can do"

Sundance Channel

Big cool and relevant, we want big characters like everybody else the 

‘Discovery’s’, the ‘TLC’s’ of the world…

But for us the hook, the big hook has to be a big idea.


Contact me for a more thorough pitch which includes two complete episodes

which have never been aired.


Ken Ashe


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