From Katy Hahn:

SmithPrint Video Questions




-A 1 1/2 - 2-minute corporate video

-4 -5 Social media videos 20 -30 seconds




Barney Smith- CEO

Ryan Smith- GM

Andrew Smith- Controller

Matt Smith- Production Manager

Amanda Canty- Account Manger

Sarah- Sales

Michelle- Sales


Rudy Mendoza- Prepress Manager

Additional team members to answer general questions




Tell us the history of SmithPrint.

I’ve been in the printing industry my whole career. In 1995 I opened my own operation. Those early years were spent cultivating relationships and growing the business until we were able to purchase a facility near downtown San Antonio. We’re now in our 25th year.


For me, the joy of the print business has always been about cultivating those relationships. San Antonio is a big “small town” where everyone knows everyone. I love our network of friends who became clients, and clients who became friends.





What sets SmithPrint apart?


I believe our biggest differentiator is the fact that we really do care. Our team works with customers at every step helping with creative ideas, design, paper selection, inks and coatings, die-cuts, folds, bindery, handwork, mailing services—there are a lot of decisions to make and a lot of creative ways to communicate your message in print form. We take pride in our work, so it’s a thrill to see our clients succeed.


How is SmithPrint a one-stop-shop?


SmithPrint is a one-stop-shop because we focus on client relationships while providing strategic, creative, production, and print services. We have invested in the people and the equipment to handle all kinds of jobs.

  • Offset print for large runs. We were the first to bring an HP Indigo 7900 to San Antonio, extensive equipment includes a 6–color, 4-color and two 2-color offset print presses

  • Digital printing for small runs and personalization

  • Large format that can print 108 inches wide by 150 feet long – and up to 3 inches thick

  • Graphic design services

  • Mailing services – including list purchasing

  • Marketing services

  • And all of the details you would expect from a large commercial printer, such as bindery, die-cut, hand work assembly and more



You grew up in the print industry, what are some favorite memories of being at the Shop?


Our Dad, Barney, built SmithPrint in 1995. It’s been a part of our lives since we were kids. I remember…(stories)


Matt: I worked from an apprentice to craftsman and have been the Production Manager for many years.

Ryan: I worked my way through college as a Pressman, learning all aspects of the shop until taking on the role of General Manager

Andrew: I apprenticed at SmithPrint through-out college, working as an accounting clerk, IT manager, and evaluating work-flow efficiencies. Now I oversee the Office Management including the accounting, taxes, and HR.





Tell us about your Customer Service process.


It’s been my belief that you won’t have customers for long without attention to Customer Service. My job is to ensure that our customers are being taken care of and their print jobs are done correctly, on-time, and on-budget.



Tell us about your Pre-Press process.


Pre-Press is very important. If your graphic files aren’t correct, your final print piece won’t be correct. We take the time to work with your designer to make sure the files are pristine from the beginning. We also have a full graphics department that provides highly creative solutions the push the boundaries of what our machines can do.



Tell us about your Creative process.

There are so many creative solutions. We know how to push the limits of our machinery and the tools we work with: paper, ink, cuts, and folds. That is our job—to be the authority on how to manipulate these components. What sets us apart, is listening to the client. The creative process is about delivering our client’s message in a way that is uniquely theirs in the art of print.


Tell us about the importance of printed pieces.


Print is very relevant in our world – think about all the places you see a printed piece – signage, specialty items, mailed pieces… It’s a primary method of communication. It’s also a critical way of how you tell your story, which builds your brand integrity.



Explain your job

I make sure… I oversee… I am in charge of…


What is your goal for your customers?

I want to exceed our customers’ expectations…

I want to over-deliver for our customers…

I want our customers to have one less thing to worry about …

I want our customers to have success in their business…











Let’s Make It Happen.

Let’s Make It Creative.

Let’s Make It Last.

Let’s Make It Big.

Let’s Make It Great.

Let’s Make It Brilliant.

Let’s Make It Powerful.

Let’s Make It Simple.

Let’s Make It Elegant.

Let’s Make It Bold.

Let’s Make It Inspiring.

Let’s Make It Easy.

Let’s Make It Successful.

Let’s Make It Eye-Opening.

Let’s Make It Thoughtful.

Let’s Make It Happen.