I make it easy for you! I’ve produced everything from an ethics video for a worldwide company that needed 18 language versions to a new product launch with a very small budget.


From shareholder’s meeting presentations to fast food restaurant tutorials helping their team deliver consistent products and even an animated video

showing how to tie a knot.  

Call me today to discuss your world and let me suggest ways to enhance everything you do.  Whatever it is that you do let me capture it so that it is clear.  Sales, training, social media, whatever you need I can produce a video which will stand out above the others. 



Animation can explain complex processes. 

Do you have a process you want to show a client or use to help train a team member? 


Animation can do in seconds what it would take hours to comprehend from written instructions. 

Animation can be photorealistic. 

If you can dream it, animation can show it!

Bring life to logos!

Animation can be short and simple!

Architectural animation

Beyond CAD renderings, layers of detail can sell a concept.  

Example of "2d" animation

Usually applied to text only videos 2d can animate "cllp art" and other visuals by moving them in the frame, but without 3d shading and efx. 

I produce animation!  Affordably!  And for any medium. 


Call, text, email and let's get your concept storyboarded today! 

310-855-4238 kenashe@kenashe.com