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Video Producer

Ken Ashe

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Capture Your Loved One's Story.

Legacy Videos

Let us capture your loved one's story.  We work best with groups such as Churches,

Synagogues or community retirement centers where we can video several in a day, but also

do individual home visits.  Yes, you can do this on your own but there is value in letting 

someone outside the family do the interview.  It usually yields previously untold stories and

information. We give you professional results and a dependable link to its archive which is

also downloadable for your own keeping. Don't let it be too late and regret not capturing

your loved one on video for posterity.  The rates are reasonable and the results will speak for 

themselves. Additionally we have a patreon page for those interested in supporting this work.

"Our goal is to create and maintain a library of individuals as they

remember and recount the richness of their lives."

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"Thank you, Ken... I can't tell you how HUGE it is to have this video."

Joseph Commare

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Archive 1

Sally & AJ

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Legacy Trailer

Archive 1

Legacy Trailer

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Paul Venema

Associate Producer

Paul was a reporter for the KSAT-TV, where he covered local, national, political, and international news. Venema started his career as a radio host.

Eventually, he became a weekend anchor and then found his passion in reporting news.

I'm blessed that he has joined me on this venture, capturing the stories of seniors everywhere. No one is more gifted or sensitive in the interview process and we are lucky to have him as a partner!

Ken Ashe

Video & Independent Film Producer

First and foremost, I have to say that I am fortunate this remarkable career allows me to

develop this fascinating project!  I have worked for major advertising agencies, The History Channel ®, National Geographic Channel, The Walt Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, and PBS but I have to say, I'm enjoying this stage of my life and this project immensely!

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